9 December 2015

The Cocoa Box: Sheabutter Cottage X Natural Belle Beauty Box Reveal

Due to the success of my first beauty box launched over the summer [that sold out in less than a week] I've team up with The Sheabutter Cottage and curated a second box in time for Christmas. 
The second box is Cocoa Butter themed, using the best Ghanaian Cocoa Butter

" Cocoa butter is one of the most stable fats known, a quality that coupled with natural antioxidants that prevent rancidity, grants it a storage life of two to five years. The velvety texture, pleasant fragrance and emollient properties of cocoa butter have made it a popular ingredient in products for the skin, such as cosmetics, soaps and lotions.
Please note that cocoa butter is hard and brittle at room temperature due to the presence of natural stearic/palmitic acid and needs to be warmed up before use. Unlike shea which grows wild, cocoa is planted during the raining season in Ghana. Provision of shade is very important for this to growth. The farmers work very hard in weeding the cocoa farm - this helps the cocoa to grow"
This box is a discovery of some of my favourite cocoa inspired products along with some limited edition items that will only be available in this box. [this box will not be repeated once it's gone it's GONE!]  

7 December 2015

The Stain: Lip & Cheek Stain By Lavera from EcoVerde

Affordable and Natural/Organic/Eco don't necessarily go hand in hand, along with being able to find products easily [anyone else tired of shipping from US and AUS?] so I'm taking some time to review some affordable and reasonably accessible natural make up lines. I've been a fan of Lavera for a while since trying out their lip glosses, they are available on the high street and also online. I got mine from Ecco Verde which has a lot of affordable brands. Lavera make up products start at just £3.69 and they have a wide range of non toxic  products [their products have been certified organic by NaTrue]

6 December 2015

The Wildchild: Jace Beauty Wefts + Closure DIY Full Wig

Another day another wig, this time using hair from Jace Beauty they have a huge selection of hair textures and pride themselves on providing 100% raw virgin hair that lasts. I was contacted by Jace Beauty to try out their textured range of wefted hair. Jace hold a variety of of textures from a soft wave to a kinky curl. I pride myself on always bringing you all something different so I opted for Jace's Wildchild [mild] which is a lightly textured [think kinky straight but without the coarseness] this is a lot straighter than anything I have tried previously, I'm not usually a smooth kind of girl however I wanted to try something new.


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