28 June 2014

The Light Exfoliant:Antonia Burrell Luminous Light Polishing Powder

I've discovered another wonderful product from Antonia Burrell, Luminious Light Polishing Powder is a fine powder that gently exfoliates skin. It works into a smooth foam that leaves my skin soft and glowing after every use.

21 June 2014

The Newbies: Big Hair Beauty

Today I'm highlighting yet another home grown natural hair brand. I'm a huge fan of British brands, and I'm impressed with the number of brands that have emerged in the last 6 years since I have been blogging. Not only are we producing products to rival the American leaders but we are producing women of colour entrepreneurs  (who runs the world? GIRLS!) New brands are emerging all the time one of which is Big Hair Beauty, Big Hair is a natural line with products up to 100% natural for all hair types. Big Hair is the brain child of Melissa Sinclair, who like so many was frustrated with the lack of natural products available she has produced a capsule collection of four products that are very beneficial for caring for afro hair. The line consists of Soft Clean, SLS Free Shampoo, Moisturising Milk, Leave In Conditioner, DEEP Conditioning, Hair Treatment and  Moisture Me, Whipped Butter.

16 June 2014

Hair Talk Returns With The Diaspora Diva

It's been a while since I've dedicated space on Natural Belle to the Hair Talk segment, I got a little tired of asking the same formulaic questions, so I decided to set up a series of email interviews, talking to natural women from across the globe who have something interesting to bring to the natural hair debate. I was honoured that my first interview was with the beautiful Emma Dabiri AKA The Diaspora Diva. We met at Curlvolution as we both spoke on the panel with Taren Guy. The panel was great fun but we both agreed that more time was needed to get into things. So this is an introduction to a UK blogger you may not know, as well a chance to ask a few more questions of Emma....Enjoy!

5 June 2014

The Bars: DIY Soul Food Greens Oil Cleansing Bars

I'm currently in love with my Viridian Soul Food Greens, it's great with smoothies and makes an excellent detox facial, I used it recently and was impressed with how fab my skin felt after using it. Soul Food Green contains a large amount of Spirulina which facilitates faster cell turnover that helps skin heal faster. It wards off free radicals and eliminates toxins from the skin to increase skin metabolism. It also prevents candida overgrowth that can cause acne breakouts. Spirulina also has a high content of vitamin A, vitamin B-12, vitamin E, calcium, iron and phosphorus, all of which are vital for your skin’s health. 

4 June 2014

Yes To Super Fruits: YesTo Grapefruit

As you know I love naturally derived beauty products, I get to try a lot of things due to the blogging gig, but I also spend a lot of money on natural products. Natural Products are often on the pricey side, due to the wonderful ingredients and that fact that many products are handmade. I get a lot of you asking  for more affordable products that are naturally derived and that you don't have to buy online! Yes To is a US brand that is now available in the UK you can pick it up in Boots for from as little as £2.66 and many of the products are up to 99% natural and free from Parabens. I'm a fan of the Yes To Grapefruit Uneven Skin Tone Daily Facial Scrub. Yes To harnesses the power of fruits and veggies in accessible and affordable products. 


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