4 December 2014

The Hand Cream: Bee Good Honey & Crambe Daily Hand Cream

Another day another UK natural skincare brand, Bee Good founded in 2008 by a husband and wife team, they create natural skin care using British bees sustainably and ethically. They use three main bee ingredients that have great benefits for the skin. No animals are harmed in the process so all Bee Good products are suitable for vegetarians. 

22 November 2014

The Green People: Green People Sugar Scrub and Body Butter

I've been interested in natural beauty products for quite some time, since deciding to wear my hair naturally 6 years ago and discovering natural and organic hair products my love for things natural has filtered into every aspect of my beauty regimen. One of the brands that have always been on my radar but I have not had the chance to try (until now) is Green People established in 1997 by Charlotte Vohtz who like many other green entrepreneurs saw what was missing in the market and set about making it happen. Charlotte has a huge impact on the standards set for organic health and beauty products and Green People are a leader in the field with an array of beauty products for the whole family.

15 November 2014

The Challenge: Natural Belle X Nazuri Curls Winter Protective Style Challenge

Hi Dolls, I'm a starting hair growth challenge from November to February with a difference! I'll be wearing my Nazuri Curls custom wig to grow out my hair with little to no manipulation. I'm doing this for several reasons.

1. I'm currently suffering from hair loss around my crown my hair is falling out, I've been prescribed a low maintenance hair regimen which includes a medicated shampoo and that's it! so no twist outs, braids NOTHING! until I find out what is the underlining issue. (see previous post)

2. To show that wigs are the ideal way to protect your hair for longer periods of time and still care for your hair and scalp with very little manipulation.

I want you all to join me in the challenge, regardless of if your're dealing with hair loss, Shedding or just want to grow your hair out and protect it from the harsh climate. I'll be offering one lucky participant a goodie bag of my favourite beauty goodies (contents TBA)

The Struggle IS REAL: My Hair Loss

I'm currently suffering from some quite severe hair loss, I noticed a very small thin patch of hair while I was pregnant with Freya, I didn't think to much of it because of pregnancy hormones. After having Freya my hair began to shed drastically all over making the hair loss at my crown more noticeable. I went to the doctors then and was told that shedding is normal and to wait until Freya is a year old if it continues then you may have a problem. My hair started to grow back and thicken up though the middle remained on the thinner side. 
Fast forward a year Freya is now over two years old and I have noticed a considerable amount of thinning around my crown. I returned to the doctors yesterday and saw a new GP as I wasn't happy with the male doctor I saw previously. She great very understanding and let me explain myself and didn't make me feel silly about my concerns.

The GlowwBox: GlowwBox Natural & Organic Edition Unboxing + Giveaway

GlowwBox has released a natural and organic edition of their monthly subscription box. The box is dedicated to bringing beauty samples to women of colour. GlowwBox is £10 (+p&p) and promises that the contents of your box will always be more than the price you paid and always contains at least 2 full sized products. 

6 November 2014

The Treatment: Mahogany Naturals Rhassoul Cocoa & Honey Deep Hair Treatment

Another Amazing Treatment from Mahogany Naturals! you may remember my utter love for the Hair Detox Treatment from the same brand and now I have a new love Rhassoul Cocoa & Honey Deep Hair Treatment is giving me life! It's literally smells good enough to eat and my hair feels like heaven. Mahogany Naturals is a spa brand, so it's not cheap, yes! I was gifted this product however I'd definitely part with £35 because I know how good the products are, however I really wish the brand did sample sizes. I can understand people being unwilling to part with £35 without knowing if the product will work for them hopefully this can be remedied in the future. 

4 November 2014

The Custom Wig: Nazuri Curls U-Part Custom Wig Prt 1

I've been sitting on this news for a little while, but just yesterday my Nazuri Curls Custom U-Part Wig arrived in the post. My initial thought on the wig is that it is AMAZING!

22 October 2014

The Shampoo: Serwaa Clay Shampoo

Clay cleansing has definitely been one of the most important discoveries of my natural hair journey. Clay cleansing is an amazing way to clean your natural hair without stripping it of it's natural oils (ya'll know how much our hair loves it's natural oils!) as part of the Max Hydration Method I've been using clay rinses which I've been mixing myself, which just adds time to an already lengthy regimen. So I've been looking into ready mixed clay cleansers and I've found the perfect one by Cioccolatina from the Sheabutter Cottage.  Serwaa Clay Shampoo mixes Bentonite Clay with Shea and Cocoa Butter for a 100% natural product that cleans hair like a dream.

2 October 2014

The Update: Max Hydration Method & Me

Where do I start with the all consuming Max Hydration Method! My life revolves around Freya and Max Hydration, Clay treatments come before, Laundry and Sex (Sorry Mr NaturalBelle I have a treatment that needs to come off in 10 minutes!) I want to give up, but I know the secret that binds us to Max Hydration.......my hair feels unreal! 

The Brush: Air Motion Pro More Than Just A Tangle Teezer With A Handle?

Of course my child is perfect in every way! she farts flowers and is a baby genius. However even I have to admit that bath time is a struggle, combing out Freya's hair is a bit of a mission to say the least. Due to my hands off approach to styling opting to have her roam free when she is not at nursery. This does leave us with a birds nest at the ends of the week. Like most people I dug out the Tangle Teezer and struggled to grip hold of it whilst dealing with a wriggly 2 year old. I found that as good as the Tangle Teezer is at de-tangling I still had to section the hair and take time or Freya's very curly hair would sometimes tangle in the brush I have also found that Tangle Teezers can cause breakage on very curly hair. Then I got my hands on the Air Motion brush which I initially believed was a Tangle Teezer with a handle, which rectifies one of the grips I have with Tangle Teezers. However I have been using the Air Motion on Freya's hair for a few weeks and have noticed how much easier it is to brush her hair. If you want details on how the Air Motion brush works you will have to visit the website, because it's like some kind of science that Nasa could of thought up! 

The Mini Fashionista: How To Have An Insta-Cool Baby & Not Go Broke

If you follow Natural Belle on Instagram then you know that I love to dress Freya up in cute clothes, she is quite the fashionista and have taken over my Instagram with her diva demands and on point shoe game! You can't log into Instagram these days with out seeing some kid looking cuter than you and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm pretty much addicted to baby fashion.
That being said I'm not about to go broke for kids clothes that they can only wear for 6-9 months tops, and if you ever see me purchase a designer handbag for Freya you have permission to punch me in the face!

11 September 2014

The Protective Style: Freya's Bantu Knots

I have posted about Freya's hair regimen a few times now, and those who keep up to date know that I'm a fan of fuss free styling when it comes to children's hair. I get a lot of questions about hair styles for toddlers and my reply has always been to let their hair be. However recently I have had to start putting Freya's hair in protective styles, due to an outbreak of Head Lice at her nursery. I really didn't want to spend hours braiding Freya's hair (not that she would let me!) or putting ornate baubles and hair ties in her hair. But I've managed to find some simple styles that I can actually do!

31 August 2014

The Max Hydration Method (sort of)

If you follow me on instagram you will know that I'm currently obsessed with a new method for retaining moisture in 'Type 4' high porosity hair, The somewhat lengthy Max Hydration Method helps hair to reach it's maximum hydration potential, resulting in moisturised hair and defined curls. People have been calling it a method to create/maintain wash and go's for 4C hair but this is very misleading. The main purpose is retaining moisture as opposed to creating 'type 3' like curls.

28 August 2014

The New Black Online Retailers: Sable Beauty + Antidote Street

Just last year I was ranting and blogging about the lack of beauty outlets for or inclusive of women of colour. from the high street to the web it seemed that only white people (an occasionally Asians) wore make up, did their hair or had any interest in their personal grooming! what a difference little over a year makes, I've noticed a vast amount of online retailers dedicated or inclusive of women of colour. It doesn't surprise me that the revolution is online as the high street is so not interested in us (but that's another blog post altogether!) two websites that have me excited are SableBeauty.com and the newly launched AntidoteStreet.com

7 August 2014

The Summer: Updates From My Crafty Summer

Hello my darlings, sorry about the lack of blog posts, however I'm having a product detox. Though I'm thankful to all the brands that gift me wonderful products to review it can give us bloggers product overload resulting in spotty skin and dry hair from chopping and changing our regimens (I know I know poor us!) I've been focusing on my day job raising Miss Freya and working as a salon fairy for Headmasters. I've also been having fun crafting this summer due to my love of fashion and my lack of fashion funds! Freya and I have been having lots of fun being covered in glitter and feathers!

28 July 2014

The DIY Flower Headdress

I'm in love with floral headdresses, I've seen a lot of headdresses around and the nicer ones can be upwards of £25. I wanted to try my hand at making one for Freya. I managed to pick up all the materials from my local Wilkinson's  under £15 they have a wonderful selection of artificial flowers from £1.50

3 July 2014

The Deodorant: PitROK Crystal Spay Deodorant

I've been trying out PitROK Crystal deodorant from Oganicopia.co.uk. I always thought my natural beauty swag was let down by my use of regular deodorants, most off the shelf deodorants contain, Parabens, Aluminium and Propylene glycol which is found in antifreeze, these toxins are also very easy to get into our bodies, especially those of us that shave our underarms toxins can seep into the tiny cuts in our skin and may cause problem with our breast areas. There are many natural alternatives most of which I have heard mixed reviews for, and the fear of being the co worker that smells of BO I have continued to use regular 'antiperspirant'.  

28 June 2014

The Light Exfoliant:Antonia Burrell Luminous Light Polishing Powder

I've discovered another wonderful product from Antonia Burrell, Luminious Light Polishing Powder is a fine powder that gently exfoliates skin. It works into a smooth foam that leaves my skin soft and glowing after every use.

21 June 2014

The Newbies: Big Hair Beauty

Today I'm highlighting yet another home grown natural hair brand. I'm a huge fan of British brands, and I'm impressed with the number of brands that have emerged in the last 6 years since I have been blogging. Not only are we producing products to rival the American leaders but we are producing women of colour entrepreneurs  (who runs the world? GIRLS!) New brands are emerging all the time one of which is Big Hair Beauty, Big Hair is a natural line with products up to 100% natural for all hair types. Big Hair is the brain child of Melissa Sinclair, who like so many was frustrated with the lack of natural products available she has produced a capsule collection of four products that are very beneficial for caring for afro hair. The line consists of Soft Clean, SLS Free Shampoo, Moisturising Milk, Leave In Conditioner, DEEP Conditioning, Hair Treatment and  Moisture Me, Whipped Butter.

16 June 2014

Hair Talk Returns With The Diaspora Diva

It's been a while since I've dedicated space on Natural Belle to the Hair Talk segment, I got a little tired of asking the same formulaic questions, so I decided to set up a series of email interviews, talking to natural women from across the globe who have something interesting to bring to the natural hair debate. I was honoured that my first interview was with the beautiful Emma Dabiri AKA The Diaspora Diva. We met at Curlvolution as we both spoke on the panel with Taren Guy. The panel was great fun but we both agreed that more time was needed to get into things. So this is an introduction to a UK blogger you may not know, as well a chance to ask a few more questions of Emma....Enjoy!

5 June 2014

The Bars: DIY Soul Food Greens Oil Cleansing Bars

I'm currently in love with my Viridian Soul Food Greens, it's great with smoothies and makes an excellent detox facial, I used it recently and was impressed with how fab my skin felt after using it. Soul Food Green contains a large amount of Spirulina which facilitates faster cell turnover that helps skin heal faster. It wards off free radicals and eliminates toxins from the skin to increase skin metabolism. It also prevents candida overgrowth that can cause acne breakouts. Spirulina also has a high content of vitamin A, vitamin B-12, vitamin E, calcium, iron and phosphorus, all of which are vital for your skin’s health. 

4 June 2014

Yes To Super Fruits: YesTo Grapefruit

As you know I love naturally derived beauty products, I get to try a lot of things due to the blogging gig, but I also spend a lot of money on natural products. Natural Products are often on the pricey side, due to the wonderful ingredients and that fact that many products are handmade. I get a lot of you asking  for more affordable products that are naturally derived and that you don't have to buy online! Yes To is a US brand that is now available in the UK you can pick it up in Boots for from as little as £2.66 and many of the products are up to 99% natural and free from Parabens. I'm a fan of the Yes To Grapefruit Uneven Skin Tone Daily Facial Scrub. Yes To harnesses the power of fruits and veggies in accessible and affordable products. 

31 May 2014

The Wooden Watch: Jord Watches + Giveaway

I was sent this gorgeous watch from Jord Watches made of Maple wood the Ely watch is great arm candy. Wood accessories are all the rage this summer from wooden bags to wooden eye glasses. So Jord are on point with their one of a kind watches handmade from 100% natural wood. I've received so many complements on this watch it really stands out as a unique timepiece. The Ely is $129 (£76.95) and they ship worldwide. 

28 May 2014

The Unique Deep Conditioner: Be Unique Shea Bliss

After six years of blogging some may think that I have tried every natural hair brand on the UK market! however there are a lot of brands new and old that I haven't had the opportunity to try. As you know I was invited to Culvolution 2014 and there is no better place to shop for natural hair products as well as actually get to talk to the vendors. I had a little chat with Belinda of Be Unique Hair Care. she was totally awesome and recommended I try Shea Bliss as I'm a low maintenance kind of a girl I was after a product that would get the job done....no fuss!

25 May 2014

The Event: Curlvolution Prt 1

It's very rare that I attend events, mainly because contrary to popular belief I'm very shy and socially awkward. and the last few events I attended where pretty much glorified photo ops with little to no substance. So it takes a lot to get my butt down to London in order to attend events. Curlvolution is in its 3rd year, and this was my first time attending and it was one of the best events I've attended in the last 6 years. Down mainly to the great vibe from the attendees and the mix of entertainment and discussion. This years event was hosted by Taren Guy, who brought us her Luv And Learn Your Hair  event to UK. I was asked to take part in a live panel discussion along with Taren, The Diaspora Diva, Felicia Leatherwood and Deborah who was representing CurlFormers. The panel was really great if not a little short but some great issue were raised, such as, blogging with integrity and the myths surrounding natural hair and those who wear their hair in it's natural state. The most important part of the event was getting to connect with followers of Natural Belle, I meet a  lot of wonderful people today, thank you for saying hello! I didn't get to take as many pictures this time round, to be fair I was too busy enjoy the good vibes and afro beats! but here are a few of the amazing naturalistas I snapped.

21 May 2014

The Juice: Mahogany Naturals Hydrating Hair Juice + Discount Code

Another day another great product from Mahogany Naturals, along with the hair detox I've been using the Hydrating Hair Juice on Freya and I. Hydrating Hair juice is a daily moisturiser for all hair types, so it's works great for my kinky coils as well as Freya's corkscrew curls. I'm really loving this product for Freya, as it is very light and great for daily de-tangling. I spritz her hair and easily comb it through without tears. 

16 May 2014

The Cleansing Oil: Antonia Burrell Natural Glow Cleansing Oil

A few months back I started oil cleansing, my best friend got me into the whole thing, she has been oil cleansing for years with great results. Since then I've been having trouble finding the oil for me, I've dabbled with Rosehip oil and had disasters with Coconut oil (not the best for oil cleansing apparently) I was on the verge of giving up when I was sent Antonia Burrells Natural Glow Cleansing Oil. which is 100%  natural  and combined oils perfect for glowing skin (which we all want!)

15 May 2014

The Detox: Mahogany Natural Extraordinary Conditioning Hair Detox

I was sent the  Extraordinary Conditioning Hair Detox by Mahogany Naturals which I've desperately fallen in love with. How do I describe this product? it's basically a shampoo and conditioner in one (think head and shoulders but good!) the Detox cleanses and conditions your hair leaving it soft and super defined. The detox contains Rhassoul Clay from Morocco which when used on its own is a magnificent cleanser but I've found in the past that I have always felt the need for a little extra conditioner when I use the clay. Mahogany Naturals has pretty much added all the best ingredients to the clay (sea weed, Aloe Vera, raw honey) and it is like heaven in a tub!

10 May 2014

The Book: Salt By Nayyirah Waheed

Books V The Internet, no competition really? well I have to thank the internet for my latest book lust. Without which I would never had cyber connected with my life coach (she is not aware of this) xoDVF if you haven't checked her out she is hands down the best thing on Youtube (even better than video's of cats doing cute shit) during one of our video chats (huge announcement coming up end of May) she introduced me to Salt by Nayyirah Waheed during a book exchange ( I came out of this exchange on top as I suggested xoDVF read 50 Shades Of Jungle Fever......) Joking aside I'm so glad I found Salt, I downloaded it just over a week ago and I have read it 4 times already.

The London Based Brand: Nexrastore

Another review, another great UK based natural hair product line. Nexrastore (nex-RA-store) is a London based beauty website aimed at women of colour, the website was one of the first to offer sort after natural hair brands like Oyin Handmade in the UK. After four years Nexrastore finally launched it's very own line of Hair and Skin care with products that are 97% naturally derived and all handmade in London town.
Due to my general greatness I had the chance to be one of the first to try out the new hair products, I was sent the NXS Nature Intense Moisturising Hair Lotion and NXS Rosemary & Lavender Pomade.  

30 April 2014

The Body Gel: HealGel

I've been Using HEALGEL new body gel, for the last 3 weeks. After getting on so well with the HEALGEL face cream which I'm still using I knew I'd love the body gel. Before we go any further with this review I must say this is a luxury products it's no Creme De La Mer body cream which is like £150 (but I have heard rumours that it contains Unicorn tears) but at £39.50 a tube HEALGEL ain't cheap! this is coming from someone who doesn't usually pay more than £15 for body cream so I state for the record that I would only re purchase this if  it was on offer or brought as a gift. 

23 April 2014

The Simplicity: Afrocenchix

For as long as there has been a UK natural hair scene, I've known of Afrocenchix aka Joycelyn and Rachael, these two ladies pride themselves on bringing SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE hair care products to the UK. I've used a few of the Afrocenchix products in the past I really like the Moi Mango Butter which worked wonders on preventing my stretch marks. So when the girls contacted me to try out their new hair care range I jumped at the chance and I'm not disappointed.

9 April 2014

The Box: Organa Mama Subscription Box

I know I know another Subscription box! but hold on before you pass this post by, this is a totally different kind of box especially created for mother and baby. Organa Mana is a bespoke monthly subscription box that provides organic products for both mother and baby to try, the box is the first of it's kind in the UK. Organa Mama is run by a Mama for Mama's with carefully selected safe products that vary from toys to organic cleaning products Organa Mama has thought of everything. 

The Serum: Shea Decadence Omega Rich Facial Serum

Since starting this blogging gig, I have been introduced to a bevy of beauty must have's and my fair share of beauty fads. The best thing I've discovered since blogging is the humble yet effective serum, I've tried many and have been disappointment with few, the latest is from Shea Decadence. The Shea Decadence Omega Rich Facial Serum is great find. I've been using it daily for three weeks on damp skin. I've been using the serum as my main moisturiser, but it is light enough to use under your usual facial cream. The Omega Rich Serum is packed with skin nourishing ingredients such as;

2 April 2014

The Afro

The Afro sans twists, coils or any other curl defining method. and stands alone as an iconic hair style. Yes the 'natural revolution' is well under way but most favour a more defined coil.  These images pay homage to when the picked out patted down afro was king (or Queen) sported by many, in various situations throughout the 1960's and 70's, can you dig?

23 March 2014

The Eembuvi Braids

With the rise of Natural Hair has come a rise in traditional styles worn by women of colour, from Cornrows to Box Braids these styles haven't been so prominent in popular culture since the mid 90's. In the 90's cornrows and braids where worn in movies and seen in music video's often to portray the characters as real 'home girls' think Janet Jackson In Poetic Justice and Jada Pinkett-Smiths character in Set It Off. 
Today we have global superstars such as Beyonce and Solange Knowles wearing waist length box braids as well as many WOC in fashion and the arts all wearing these styles.
It's fair to say that the Box Braid has become a stylish way to wear ones hair, worn less as a homage to the 'home girl' but nod to African heritage from which it originates. 

15 March 2014

The Head Massage with Shea Decadence

Head massage is an effective way to stimulate our scalps, we need to do this to get blood flowing to our follicles. Blood circulation to our scalps is the furthest away from our hearts, so when blood is busy working its magic on the rest of our body it can loose oomph once its get to our scalps.

8 March 2014

The Headwrap: A History


I like many have to say that the headwrap or turban is a main stay for my overall look. I wear a wrap more often then not, because they look great and they serve a function (protecting my hair)

It's hard to say who was the first person (or persons) to think about covering the hair with fabric, though I assume that this can be dated back centuries. As the main function of any head covering is protection, the head wrap is popular in hotter climates because it protects against the rays of the sun.
However covering the hair can be for symbolic or religious reason.

4 March 2014

The Baby Regimen: Or Lack Thereof...

I get a lot of questions about what I use in Freya's hair, from products to regimens. The answer to this much asked question is not very much, Freya does not have a hair regimen nor does she have specific products. This is largely to do with the fact that she is a baby, she barely sits still long enough for me to put a top knot in her hair let alone hair product or a legion of barrets. Babies hair and scalp are very delicate, they don't start to produce many natural oils until they are 6 months old, so there is no need to over wash your childs hair. Their hair is still growing and changing (Freya's hair is getting more kinky through the back) so keep things simple, even if your child has very kinky coily hair I would suggest keeping styling to a minimum. concentrate on de-tangling and moisture.

18 February 2014

Guest Post: The Intervention By Calamity Jane

Hair breakage. Dryness to coarseness to more breakage. No amount of leave in conditioner or shea butter seems to do the job. Winter. Dark. Cold. Break up with boyfriend. TIRED.

What was meant to be the joyous family occasion of a christening, turned into a 'hair' intervention. Undertaking my serving duties after church, where I'm held hostage by 50 kids demanding 'more jollof rice', 'not that chicken, the other one', 'my mum says I can have coke, you got a problem with that?' (they now outnumber the adults), my cousins find me at my lowest ebb and like hawks, descend. First individually, "Madam, what is wrong with your hair? I thought you said you were going to style it for today. What happened?" Then collectively "Chale, why? You look tired and sad. Is this new man of yours treating you well? Maybe if you did something with your hair, instead of this hard bush you call an afro, you'd find a new decent man." Turning to my sister for mercy, she shakes her head meekly and slowly extracts herself from the gaggle of women. "I know a girl who WILL do your cornroll.  She's quick and does all the funky styles you used to like.

15 February 2014

The Snails: Safe Nail Polish for Kids

If your little cherub is anything like mine than she loves to get involved. Freya is always watching me paint my nails and put on lipstick and this Diva in the making is always playing dress up and pretend make up application. So I was thrilled to be send Snails safe nail polish for kids it's Non Toxic with just 3 ingredients Water, Acrylic Polymer, Non Toxic Colourants. Snails wash off with water so no need for toxic nail polish remover!

The Guest Post: Entwine Review By Crystal Afro

I know I’m not the only one who’s a fan of Gina’s locs right now. Not only do they look fantastic but I’m pretty sure that they’re part of the reason my girl chose to let me review her Entwine Couture Audition Collezioni pack, from Zara Hair & Beauty.

10 February 2014

Nina Simone Nail Art

It's Black History Month in the US and my social media feeds are alight with images of people who made a huge impact in not just African American history but world history. I was inspired by a post on ThandieKay.com which featured the work of nail artist Phe Davis who create the amazing nail art below. I decided to give it a go with one of my favourite icons in black history Nina Simone

5 February 2014

The 2 Minute Scrub

Time is of the essence when it comes to beauty for me. As much as I love natural and organic homemade products some of it can be pretty time consuming and in some cases unnecessary,  a lot of the raw materials we have are great as they come and by simply combining a few potent ingredients you have a cost effective simple  product. I'm a huge fan of coconut oil for my hair and body, its a great skin softener and works on the roughest skin to smooth dry areas. Add sea salt to the mix with its grainy texture and you have and excellent  body scrub.

4 February 2014

The Beauty Inspiration: Himba Women

I'm currently in love with the beautiful women of the Himba Tribe from Namibia, a mostly semi nomadic tribe. Himba woman are known for their beautiful clay hair that resembles locs, the clay is used for hair and body to protect from the harsh sun, not only does it protect but it gives a beautiful glow. The Himba people seem to almost glow from with in (in fact I'm certain they do!)

The clay is called Otjize and is a mixture of butter fat, Ochre and ash. Otjize is often perfumed with the aromatic resin of the Omuzumba shrub. Some say the clay is what helps the Himba tribes hair grow, In natural girl language the Himba tribe have been doing the ultimate protective style for many many years!

I have read in a few places that the Himba women spend lots of time beautifying themselves which makes me love them even more, they have a rich and vibrant culture and they are totally my beauty inspirations! 

Now all I need is the recipe for Otjize clay .......

22 January 2014

The Mini Tutorial: Turbans for Dummies

I'm still in love with my Loc Extensions and having fun finding new ways to style them. I love wearing them up but the constant bun wearing is killing my neck so I usually wear them down every other day with a wicked turban. (for added wickedness!)

All you need for this one is a metre of fabric
  1. Fold into a triangle place at base of you head and tie, leave the flappy triangle loose.
  2. Pull the loose triangle to the back of your head, leaving the to ends dangling .
  3. Tie the dangling ends again, this time over the flappy triangle.
  4. You should be left with short ends that you can easily tuck under the puff you created.


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