30 November 2011

The Rugby Ralph Lauren Tweed Run + Outfit

Rugby by Ralph Lauren brought a touch of old school class to the street of London on the 26th of November. Model Erin O'Connor was amongst the stylish Bike riders gathered to together for the Tweed Run an annual bike ride around London.
I took inspiration from the event (I was working so couldn't attend) rocking Mr Naturalbelle's Vintage tweed over coat, repo 40's style tea dress and Zara riding boots.





Introducing the Rugby Ralph Lauren London Tweed Run from RugbyRalphLauren on Vimeo.

Peaches, Puffs and Pumps

Jumper & Pumps-Primark, Leggings-Topshop, Bag-Zara, Scarf-H&M, Glasses-Boyfriends

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27 November 2011

25 November 2011

The Email: Natural Hair and Interacial Dating

Hi Belle
Not sure if you've already answered a question similar to this but I thought I'd throw it out there again.
As a person who is also in a mixed race relationship, how do you deal with your hair whilst in your partners company?
My current dilemma is that when I stay round my boyfriend's house, I don't put my hair in twists, sleep in a cap or on a satin pillow case which causes my hair to dry out and makes it a nightmare to tackle in the morning.
Have you talked about your hair with your other half? How do you deal with situations like that?
Thanks, A Reader

This is not the first time I had an email like this, firstly let me stress that it is not just ladies in interracial relationships that have to have 'the hair talk' all men regardless of race are completely bemused by the beauty rituals of us Girlies!
Whether weaved, relaxed, or natural black women should always  protect their hair at night to keep it in tip top condition, whether it's rocking your scarf, twisting your hair or pulling out your satin pillow for sleep overs their is always that nervous moment when we think 'good this boy must think I'm crazy!'  and he does but men think women are crazy standard (at least my man does)
If this guy is put off by how you sleep he is not the guy for you!
When I started dating my bf I out right told him I had to protect my hair at night and I explained why! When someone cares about you they don't care about the silly stuff, after our discussion I got home to find a gorgeous silk scarf waiting from him (Awww)
But seriously most men are just happy to have a scantily clad women in their bed they really don't care what you have on your head.
If your still feeling awkward, put your hair in a loose high bun and wrap your scarf in a pretty bow or bring a satin pillowcase!
Your tresses will thank you for it!

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Belle and Mr Naturalbelle

24 November 2011

Harlem 1938: Jewish Museum Exhibition

A selection of images from around the 1940's with be on show at Manhattan's Jewish Museum, I'm in love with this image of dancers taking a break in Harlem circa 1938 check out more info here

Julia Sarr Jamois for Tibi

I'm forever in love with this woman! (like possible in THAT kind of way...) Tibi has showcased these great images from their recent shoot check out Tibi's awesome blog here and shop the Tibi Black Friday sale (for investment purchases) they have a great line of minimal chic staples that transcends trends

23 November 2011

The Sale: Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Anita Grant's Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale starts midnite UK time 

25th-30th November

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orders No minimum value so enjoy! I'm eyeing up one of each Shampoo Bar!

Babassu Shampoo bars 

Hair by Style Like U

Hair from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

My favourite style website Style Like U has devoted an editorial to a subject close to my heart! HAIR in  collaboration with with Marc Baptiste Style Like U have created an artistic showcase of many of their featured fashionista's check out the full slide show here

Esperanza Spalding for Uniqlo & Bananas Republic

Esperanza is a high street hit! the musician has modelled for Uniqlo and Banana Republic both campaigns she sports her trademark afro!

Nur Hellmann for Akris

Nur Hellmann for The Akris Lookbook, by far one of my favourite models at the moment! she looks fresh for the Akris 2012 resort line


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