28 February 2011

The Inspiration: 28-02-11

Good bye Febuary!

The sunshine

please god let the sun shine!!

The Model: Amanda Hill

The Oscars

my husband colin firth wins best leading man!

Natalie Portman wins best leading lady and christain Bale wins best supporting actor, i have no problems with the winner's i'm very proud of the 2 brits (christian & colin) they are both great actors, The Kings Speech is great so go watch if you get the chance. Natalie looked radiant and fresh in Rodarte!

overall they gowns were a mixed back this year, with floor length, minimal, lace, sequins in equal measure, it was all very nice but nothing with the wow factor, anne hathaway presented with James Franco and anne wins the award for the most costume changes (one being a mens tux!) best dressed  was James franco who looked strangely like susan boyle in drag!

Outfit of the day

27 February 2011

What's Up Doc? 1972

 what's up doc is one of my favourite Barbara Streisand movies, it's slap stick comedy which will have you in stitches! the thing that always stuck with me was how fresh and gorgeous Barbara looks in this movie, i love her classic trench coat and 70's flares
get the look

Silk Stocking's 1957

The Tweet: Inna Modja

I almost fainted!  Inna Modja read my blog! and understood my bad French!, this is almost as big as when Rasta Mouse started following me on twitter......actual it's better! lol


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