31 October 2010

river islands vintage inspired hats

river island have some fabulous vintage inspired hats check out there line of boaters and cloche hats.
my favourite are the cloche hats, cloche is the french word for bell and the hat adopts the name due to the bell shapes these hats were popular in the 1920's and 1930's. the style of hat will look good with the season lady like trend. and for something different try a small boater and big hair! if you don't want to stretch to a full sized hat you can get lots of miniature hats that come attached pins and hairbands.




Happy Halloween

what did you get up too?

29 October 2010

abigail's party-topshop

Topshop has launched a 1970's lux collection it's all prints, embellishment and billowing chiffon. Splashes of yellow, mauve, navy and black. The collection gets it's name from stage play abigail's party which is probably one of the funniest plays ever. It was a BBC comedy satire on the middle classes that arose in the 1970's. I watched a re-run years ago. The style of beverly moss the main character was great and her taste music questionable lol! We all love demis roussos! (those of a certain age will get the joke).

love the turban!





my funky twisted soul

stunning hand made jewellery from an independent designer 

The hair

oh how i've missed her: solange knowles

her hair look gorgeous! i liked the wig/weave but i love this!

lush's Gorilla perfumes

Lush's perfumers are putting the enthuses back on the aroma back into perfumes.
gorilla perfumes
tuca tuca
In today's market is more surface over substance when it comes to perfumes, the the big players aren't seducing us with crazy packaging (I mean does my perfume really need rhinestones?) there are coercing us to smell like Paris hilton or jlo. With all this enthused on the outer beauty perfumers at lush are bringing back quality aroma.

"great perfumes are like works of art, they are memorable, inspiring, and delightful"

I've tried tuca tuca, lust, orange blossom and the smell of freedom all of which are great scents.Tuca tuca smells like the Palma violet sweet I used to eat on the way to school. On the other hand the smell of freedom makes me think of being in love i don't know why but I guess that Is the point of a good perfume it transports you to where ever you've been before.

the smell of freedom
prices start at £2:50 for a small sample, the solid perfumes is £5:50, the aroma spray is £11:00 and fits perfectly in your purse. when you are ready to commit to your signature scent the large bottle is £23:00. to go along with the no nosence mantra the packaging is very simple and in it's simplicity very chic.
*these are from prices some aroma's are more or less expensive

find out more at  gorilla perfumes homepage

Jett slashington: how to become a rock god!

crashed velvet and lace! 

"check out my scene hair! i back combed the hell out of my sleek boho wig"

"i need a top hat!"

kick ass velvet leggings!

"how high can i get this hair!"

once upon a time slash and Joan jett (and i think jimmy hendrix helped) came together to create the ulitimate rock god! by day you may very well think i am belle the blogger but by night i am infact jett slashington! like any great super hero i have a super power and that my dears is the power to in fact ROCK!
it's a bit scene kid and alot 80's stadium  rock! and a bit garth from waynes world! 

ok ok i'm going going to a fancy dress party! its that time of year again and amongst the sea of lady gaga's and catwomen, i wanted to find a unique costume that would not cost the earth. i found most of these item in my wordrobe however i did not own these kick ass velvet leggings! which i brought for the occasion for £7:00
i have avoided the crushed velvet comeback untill now and these baby's will end up in the back of the wordrobe but for now they harness my true power! 

the ethnic fashion show

the front row
I have so much to share. This evening I was fortunate enough to be invited to the ethnic fashion show an event held to showcase up and coming designers from around the globe.
6 designers showcased there collections of ethnic inspired pieces.
The show was a mix of traditional fabrics and aesthetics and modern shapes and pairings.
Teodora Colic
A stand out designer for me was Bola Femi a Nigerian designer who's mix of retro silhouettes and ethnic print really stood out, the collection with it's fifties style dresses yet modern apeal worked well and I could see myself wearing the designs.
Another stand out was Teodora Colic who's hand made knitted jewellery was a statement all on there own. I loved the take on the Zulu bead but in autumnal shades of brown, red and navy. The knitted texture gave this line a unique twist.
The event as a whole was executed very well it started pretty promptly and kept to schedule. Everyone looked amazing so many great faces and stylish people I could barely keep my eyes on the show for want of ogling the front row.
I didn't get a chance to mingle as much as I would have liked but I meet Harlem and some great designers such as doubleD a Jewellery making duo named Daryl and Doris who unique line had me salivating I got rather attached to a certain winged necklace such an adorable pair!
Also designer bibish with the line bianou a collection of mouth watering  necklaces. The whole night was great and i'm grateful I got to attend. thank you so much to all those involved and to Horiya Farah for the invite.

the ethnic fashion show: belle meets harlem

This evening I went to the ethnic fashion awards held in angel. Whilst there I was fortunate enough to run into the lovely Harlem of harlemloves. She was absolutely lovely! So sweet and friendly and made the trip to east worth while. Check out her cute braided style! Adorable! We chatted away about our new iPhone 4's and enjoyed the fashion on display check out Harlem here

28 October 2010

bex of sew-inspired

How long have you been rocking that gorgeous mane?

I have been rocking my natural hair for 17 years. I had a Jehri curl as a teen, A few years later I transitioned to a perm. The harsh chemicals and expensive salon visits, moved me to go natural. I had no idea that my hair was wavy/curly, I chopped it off not knowing what to expect. This was back in the 90's before before the natural hair revolution, there were not many resources for natural hair. I learned what was beneficial by trial and error.

If naturalbelle was to raid you bathroom what would she find?

Natures gate shampoo, a variety of conditions. I love trying different conditioners. Wide tooth combs, I have one brush, bobby pins and nail polish. I'm not a product junkie.

My favorite hair products are oils.
Coconut oil, olive oil and grape seed oil. Grape seed is my FAVORITE. My guilty product pleasure is 'S curl activating gel', It makes my hair SO silky smooth. Please don't take my natural card away!

What is you favorite hair style?

I love protective styling, I usually put my hair in two french braids and pin it in the back, a loose bun, or a braided crown. If I'm going out, I wear my hair out, wild like a lion. I do not wear my hair wild often, it tangles easily which causes breakage.

Do you have any hair tips for us natural belles?

Embrace the texture of YOUR hair. Find the proper moisturizer. Protective styling promotes hair growth!!! Do not fight against your hair, be friends with it. Go with the flow of what your hair wants to do. I don't believe in a "bad hair day". There is no such thing as "Good Hair" if you have healthy hair....it's good!
I've been taking biotin for my hair and nails and I am seeing great results, my hair is getting stronger (minimal breakage) and my nails are tough!

Your personal style is fierce!!! How do you put your outfits together?

Thank you very much! My outfits depend on my mood, hair, or accessories. I usually have a focal point, be it hairstyle, accessorie, or shoe that I want to stand out. Then, I work around the focal point.

What are your favourite stores?

The designers that I like are Diane Von Furstenburg, Michael Kors, Rachel Roy and Moi! I hate malls, but if I have to shop at a store it would be a fabric store (to make my own clothes). Vintage stores, ebay, Nordstrom and H&M are cool. I can go from a thrift Store to Saks Fifth Ave and find a treasure.

Who is you fashion inspiration dead or alive?

My mother is the most stylish person I know besides my sisters. I'm also inspired by stylish woman walking down the street, or on the net. I like real people in real clothes. As far as famous people go, Edith Head is inspirational.

outfit of the day

dress £10 h&m

necklace primark

belt primark

lipstick ysl


use discount code: WIGWITCH